Update [ 05/19/21 ]

Added Mec Parts/Programs, Characters, and Locations, which finishes off the first half of the Translation Comparison section.

That said, my work on this project is mostly complete. I do plan to finish the second half of the Translation Comparison page, where I take a look at select parts of the game script, but this will take longer since I still need to source the original PSX script (or barring that, copy it all down manually). I have no planned timeline and updates will happen when they happen. And as much as I love this game, I need a break after getting burnt out from the Remaster hubbub.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to announce the start of my next project, SF2 Perfect Works! Yes, I’m aware of other attempts to translate the book, but like with Essence, I’m tackling this one solo. It’ll probably take twice as long as Essence because of the density and difficulty of the text, but I’m damn well going to try.

Update [ 04/23/21 ]

I’ve changed the Translation Comparison page to make way for new content. I’ve started working on individual comparisons for things between the JP, OG PSX, and Remaster names. I’ve started off by adding Weapon names to the Equipment page (yes, including that one).

Content that was previously on the Translation Comparison page has been moved to the Text Comparison page and will not be updated until I’ve finished my playthrough of the Remaster.