A tropical resort, home to soft breezes and sun-kissed surf. The Seaside Hotel provides lodging in the center of town.

I’ll be leaving my notes about Legend of Mana here. -Sevon

Seaside Hotel Registry (Change Log)

Waterfront Mall (Name Comparisons)

[ Updated 07/27/21 ] – A work in progress.

Hotel Lounge (Missable Quests)

Legend of Mana Ultimania Data

Secret 100

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Setting Materials

Magic/Instrument List (Google Spreadsheet Link)

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Sevon’s Frugal Forging Recipe 2

[ Added 07/22/21 ]
A new and improved recipe with better results!

Sevon’s Frugal Forging Recipe

[ Updated 07/23/21 ]
A relatively cheap and easy way to get started on NG+ the first time around.

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